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Moreover, all platforms allow users to stage orders for later entry, while thinkorswim and TD Ameritrade web enables conditional orders which allows users to set triggers based on price movements. Without a doubt, there is no better online broker to learn the basics of investing in the stock market than TD Ameritrade. LimeFX’ strong regulation makes it a good option for traders who prioritize funds security. The company also has exciting product portfolio offering, as it covers over 200 assets, giving traders the option of expanding their trading portfolio in a bid to earn more profits. Another plus for the company is the fact that it conveys information in a clear and concise manner, without leaving anything to thought.

Our editors independently research and recommend the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent review process and partners in our advertiser disclosure. Samuel Deane is the forex founder and financial advisor at Deane Wealth Management, a registered investment advisory firm for Millennials in tech. He has taught personal finance as an adjunct professor at Baruch College.

  • If you have any questions related to the process of portal login for LimeFX, you can report it directly to LimeFX.
  • OTCBB trades incur a commission of $6.95/transaction—most other brokers have made these trades free.
  • There are even funds for investors who desire exposure to specific regions or strategies.
  • LimeFX provides the MetaTrader 4 platform for traders to trade on and can be accessed through any devices anywhere.

The education center houses an extensive library of content organized for ease of use and curated by topic, level, goals, and objectives. You are given access to on-demand videos, step-by-step tutorials, in-depth investing coaches, event opportunities, and much more. Although investors cannot calculate the tax impact of future trades, capital gains reporting is available monthly and can be accessed directly from the website. In addition, TD Ameritrade offers enterprise integration of GainsKeeper, a third-party tax reporting service that helps determine the tax consequences of trades. GainsKeeper is integrated directly within their platform for all clients free of charge, regardless of activity or asset level. A growing number of investors today want to align their portfolios with their specific values or beliefs.

In addition to the desktop-based version, LimeFX provides a mobile trading platform that enables traders to trade on the go. The software is optimized for mobile use and as such feels fluid and responsive. You can use it both for monitoring your account and for executing trades. Traders who want to install them on their devices can download the programs from the relevant marketplaces such as the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. The charting capabilities and customization on thinkorswim is extensive, enabling chart size, colors, studies, strategies and drawings to be customizable and can be saved, recalled, shared, and reprogrammed. TD Ameritrade web also integrates past CNBC segments into the stock-specific news pages based on stocks mentioned in the segment, and provides streaming news and events via the dock.

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Forex currency pairs are traded in increments of 10,000 units and there is no commission. The cost of the trade is reflected in the spread and TD Ameritrade is compensated by its liquidity provider based on the volume. Mutual funds (11,949 totat; 4,259 no transaction fee; 5,992 carry a front or back end load). This brokerage is a re-branding attempt from a confirmed scam brokerage named LimeFX. Clients claim problems withdrawing their capital as well as trade manipulation.

LimeFX broker reviews

TD Ameritrade saves the last five customized screens for future use and gives you the ability to turn them into a watchlist. The race to zero fees has increased competitive pressure in the asset management industry and changed the business model for many online brokers. However, $0 commissions does not mean that everything is free, as brokers can still make money from you in less obvious ways. TD Ameritrade web includes a dock tool, which is a fully customizable dashboard. When screen size allows, it appears on the right side of the screen and remains persistent as users navigate through the site on the left. Modules include account balances, streaming watch lists, bookmarks, streaming news and events, video, streaming trending on Twitter, streaming Yahoo Finance headlines, streaming RSS feeds, and more.

All in all, both the web-based and standard mobile app platforms are easy to use and manageable for investors just starting out. TD Ameritrade offers a wealth of market highlights and analyst reports from industry-recognized third parties, such as Dow Jones, Credit Suisse, and the Center for Financial Research and Analysis . This robust library provides comprehensive stock research and recommendations on companies, industries, funds, and bonds to help clients make informed investing decisions and validate new trading ideas. TD Ameritrade uses proprietary order routing technology and clients can also direct route orders to specific options and equities exchanges. The majority of TD Ameritrade’s orders are spray-routed, enabling trade orders to be executed within 0.05 seconds on average. According to TD Ameritrade, their execution quality metrics cover market order sizes 1 to 1,999 shares, which comprises over 90% of their client order sizes.

TD Ameritrade fined $500,000 for failing to report advisers’ suspicious activities. TD Ameritrade has not reported any significant data breaches in the last four years. You can use 2 factor authentication for all of their platforms, as well as biometric fingerprint scanner and facial recognition.

For beginner investors who want hands-on learning, paperMoney is the perfect tool. Essentially, paperMoney offers the thinkorswim experience as a stock simulator so investors can learn without putting any real money at risk. Although paperMoney is a great educational resource for new investors, experienced traders also stand to benefit from the platform by using virtual trading to test new strategies. LimeFX is an international trading broker that is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct and Authority . LimeFX provides the Metattrader 4 platform for traders to trade on over 200 assets via mobile, web or Mac.

LimeFX Review

LimeFX ensures security of clients funds by offering a negative balanee protection and clients are legible for compensation of up to £85,000 in case of liquidation. LimeFX is known for transparency and reliability in offering fast execution and excellent customer support in the trading markets. For beginner investors, TD delivers a client-centric LimeFX Review: Is This a Scam or Good Forex Broker learning experience across multiple channels including TD Ameritrade Network, articles, videos, and courses. Similarly, newer investors will enjoy TD’s fully integrated platforms, as they are personalized, goal-driven, and intuitive. Traders and active investors will thoroughly enjoy the thinkorswim platform for its robust and in-depth capabilities.

LimeFX broker reviews

Although all of TD Ameritrade’s platforms have screening capabilities, none are specific to environmental, social, governance criteria or socially responsible investment factors. This can be perceived as a disadvantage as investors are seeking both financial and social returns on their invested capital. LimeFX guarantees all clients funds deposited are completely secluded from company’s funds with strict policies and procedures reviewed by external and internal auditors. The company also offers a Negative Balance Protection and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme is regulated to protect clients up to £85,000. VIP option customers are able to privately negotiate discounted commissions based on volume. TD Ameritrade is one of the few brokers that offer backtesting, which is the evaluation of a particular trading strategy using historical data.


TD Ameritrade is one of the larger online brokers in the U.S., so it offers multiple platforms aimed at different levels of expertise. For passive and active investors, the web based and standard mobile app platforms are intuitive and easy to use. However, for casual traders and day traders, the robust thinkorswim platform is likely the best bet due to its extensive screening capabilities, charting tools, and advanced analytics. All in all, passive investors, active investors, casual traders, and day traders will all be impressed with TD Ameritrade’s range of trading platforms and overall offering. This trading platform belongs as one of the most well-known assets trading platforms available in the financial industry today. The robust and user-friendly application features advanced charting package as well a variety of technical indicators integrated into the trading platform.

LimeFX broker reviews

The broker touts a price improvement to their clients of $0.0175 per share, on average, and this price improvement proves to be consistent, covering 97.4% of orders. LimeFX is a forex brokerage firm that offers traders a platform to trade currency pairs, CFDs, indices, futures, commodities, and shares. The London-based company was established in 2015 as a member of the LimeFX family, and has a sister unit in Australia, GVS Pty Limited., which also conducts business as LimeFX in Australia.

LimeFX Review 2019 By Financebrokerage Is LimeFX

Traders who wish to use this feature can do so in a variety of ways, as thinkorswim backtesting can be done using thinkscript, strategies, ondemand, or thinkback. Investors can also automate trading strategies by which orders can be set to automatically trigger off a set of conditions. The firm provides the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which is easy for new traders to get acquainted with. LimeFX is an International trading broker that dispence over 200 trading assets which consists of forex, metals, Indices, commodities, futures, shares and spreads. LimeFX was established in 2015 and is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct and Authority . Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. Although it filed a number of suspicious activity reports relating to suspicious transactions of certain terminated advisers, TD Ameritrade failed to file reports on the suspicious transactions of a number of other terminated advisers. Due to unprecedented volumes of activity, TD Ameritrade has encountered login issues across multiple TD Ameritrade platforms that impacted some clients’ ability to log in during 2020. Clients can get trading and account support by phone, email, website, directly from the trading platform, as well as on Twitter and Meta.

TD Ameritrade’s focus on the client experience has made its platforms seamless and easy to navigate. Using innovation to transform the individual client experience, TD Ameritrade puts the user at the center of the design and optimizes their individual experience. TD Ameritrade web, thinkorswim, and the mobile apps are all highly customizable based on the user’s unique interests. On January 27th 2021, TD-Ameritrade, along with several other brokerage firms, experienced intermittent downtime, with users struggling to log in, check their portfolios, or commit any trades.

And he is a consultant for and contributor to several national publications, writing about personal finance for Millenials, investing, equity compensation, tax planning, and practice management for financial advisors. LimeFX has an automated risk management system that prevents a client’s account balance from becoming negative. Ask Ted, the virtual client service agent, provides automated support by answering client’s questions and directing them to content within the site.

Sending a paper check is free, though there is a $15 overnight mail fee if the client requests it. The website is translated into several different languages for the benefit of non-English speaking clients. Clients can contact the support staff through telephone, email, or live chat.

Although TD Ameritrade offers one of the largest investment selections on the market, some competitors offer more cost-efficient alternatives. LimeFX never misses an opportunity to prove to traders how safe their funds are with them. In the event that LimeFX faces an insolvency issue, clients’ funds are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to a maximum sum of £50,000.

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Although TD Ameritrade doesn’t automatically sweep cash into a money market fund, clients have the ability to opt into the cash sweep program to earn higher interest. The web platform allows users to draw trendlines and add indicators, however, the trendlines are Naked call blurry and difficult to set up. The experience of viewing a chart on the mobile app when the phone was horizontal was also less than ideal. Since the tabs at the top of the app occupy most of the screen space this affects the size of the chart and its usability.

The brainchild of a team of experts in the financial industry, LimeFX aims to provide its users with up-to-date, cutting-edge technology and high standards of services, all in a bid to ensure they have a fulfilling trading experience. Individuals who register to the platform stand to benefit from bonuses and promotions such as the $35 signup bonus given to new clients. With rapidly moving markets, fast execution is a top priority for investors.

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