More than Half of Voters Agree looks is essential in an union

As it happens, really love actually blind. Another survey by Meetville (internet dating software to discover the proper individual) demonstrates that physical appearance plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining a relationship.

The poll ended up being held from 2/5/14 to 8/5/14. Players happened to be asked the next question: “tend to be looks important in a relationship?”, and also the link between their own replies were: indeed – 63per cent hookup with cougar no – 37percent.

Final amount of participants was 162,968. From the American – 76per cent, from Canada – 2percent, from Britain – 6per cent, Australia – 4percent and other nations – 12per cent.

Michael LaBossiere, a contemporary composer of philosophy and gaming content, reviews: “Yes, everyone knows that looks typically matter. And when it comes to relationships, two usual concerns are: 1) that which works in beginning one? and 2) what realy works in sustaining one? And in addition, beauty is actually active in the solutions to both questions”, thinks Bakker.

It really is thought-provoking that relating to stats ladies are less impacted by look, among those just who voted “No”: male – 39per cent, feminine – 61%.

Alex Cusper, Meetville solution expert, assumes that as males will be more worried about appearance than females, this means that a man is much more very likely to keep a less appealing girl than a female to go out of a much less attractive man.


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