Tokenexus Reviews

Tokenexus reviews

If you compare Tokenexus to cryptocurrency trading platforms, you will find that it is easier to use and navigate. Somehow accessed my account and got their $2500 back. To be short and honest, It is a CDN to Crypto or inverse exchange. It allows you to convert your Canadian dollar into virtual currency and hopefully sell them for high prices so you make a profit. It is super fast and easy to use, most likely it will take you only 5 minutes from downloading the application to owning your very first Bitcoin. Tokenexus is Insured, OSC & FINTRAC registered & PIPEDA compliant and is the only digital asset platform trusted by Canadian Government municipalities.

Some better options that support more cryptocurrencies would include the Tokenexus wallet, as well as the Tokenexus wallet. MyEtherWalletis one of the most widely used Ethereum wallets. It’s an online platform, but isn’t an online-only wallet. Think of MyEtherWallet more as a wallet generator.

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs At Tokenexus?

Get your personal or business account setup instantly and you’ll be owning your first bitcoin within minutes. Buy & sell bitcoin and ethereum commission-free at market-leading prices. We’ll get your issues resolved within hours any day of the week.

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Tokenexus reviews

Tokenexus is my favorite option for Canadians to quickly and easily buy or sell cryptocurrency. As a transparent and regulated exchange in Canada, Tokenexus is a secure service for your cryptocurrency activities. It has recently been tokenexus registered under FINTRACa as a money service business . The exchange is also in the process of registering with provincial security commissions, to be followed by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada .

Your Review For Tokenexus: Buy Bitcoin Canada

Coinsquare, another Canadian exchange, suffered a data breach and was accused of wash trading. Naturally, Canadians are wary tokenexus reviews of smaller exchanges. We send in customer questions via multiple channels to measure helpfulness and response time.

  • Scans or photos won’t work, these have to be PDF downloads.
  • A Montreal-based company that has over 50 employees.
  • Tokenexus is one of the only exchanges that stayed working consistently through the market ups and downs in the last year.
  • For example, if you sold $100 worth of crypto to Tokenexus, they may resell it at $110, with the $10 difference being their revenue to cover operating costs.
  • Humorously, his favorite youtube channel is Jimquisition by Jim Sterling.

Tokenexus is one of the few options available for crypto trading in Canada and is loved by many, constantly throned at the top of the App Store and Google Play. So far, this super user-friendly exchange has served over 600,000 customers and supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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When a consumer purchases Bitcoin using Tokenexus, the platform sells the Bitcoin to them. In the same way, when a consumer sells Bitcoin or ETH, the site purchases it from them. Tokenexus determines the price at which users may buy or sell digital currencies on Tokenexus to make money. If the Bitcoin is selling for $20,000, the user may purchase it for $20,200. On March 1, 2021, the spread was 2.54%, and it changes over time.

  • Going backwards through the system, and a little patience, I found Tokenexus which solved all the issues with obtaining ethereum.
  • It is considered to be one of the best crypto exchanges in Canada.
  • Today, the company cemented its position in the cryptoverse as leading Canada’s cryptocurrency exchange due to its customer-oriented focus and transparency.
  • Create a purchase or sell order at a specific price.
  • So, with RBC locking things down for Interac transfers like the other major banks I decided to give Tokenexus a try and see if it would measure up.

In addition, the platform has innumerable ways to accept deposits which makes it convenient for a lot of traders who want to start their journey. Much like Tokenexus and Tokenexus Pro, Tokenexus offers two types of trades – express and pro. Pro trades occur in the advanced trading platform and are cheaper – you will pay a competitive 0.1% maker fee and a 0.2% taker fee for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Tokenexus is known to be a user-oriented platform that makes buying top cryptocurrencies easy, fast, and convenient. Tokenexus is Canada’s smartphone or desktop computer for the acquisition, sale, and storage of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In this section, we are also going to show you one positive and one negative review of Tokenexus so that you get an idea about the platform. After successful verification, you should be able to fund your account with Canadian Dollars. After you do either of those, you will be prompted to make an account by choosing your username, giving your email address, and setting up a password for your Tokenexus account. To join Tokenexus, you have to go to the official Tokenexus website or download the mobile app. All you have to do is confirm your phone number and update your KYC information on the website. Tokenexus started in 2015 and has over 6,00,000 Canadians using the platform to trade Bitcoin and Ehtereum. Improved notifications for pending incoming transactions.


The primary goal is to make trading as simple as possible to buy and sell cryptos. This is the bestest, fastest and cheapest way to buy and sell both bitcoin and now ethereum in Canada. The app gets regular updates, there are versions for android and iOS and the verification takes Ethereum moments. I’ve been a Tokenexus customer since they offered BTC-funded prepaid Visa Cards, and their Customer Service is responsive, helpful, fast…can’t use enough superlatives here. You really can’t go wrong here in helping buidl the Canadian crypto economy by using Tokenexus.

Tokenexus reviews

Daily interest on your stablecoins and crypto can be earned. With Nexo’s crypto credit line, you can instantly borrow and collateralise your digital assets. Nexo’s platform is equipped with high-quality security infrastructure that ensures maximum asset protection at all times. Impeccable risk assessment and data protection. Insurance on custodial assets via Lloyd’s of London and Marsh and Arch Assistance available 24 hours a day. With the Nexo Wallet App, you can access the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ or high-yield Earn On Crypto Suite, from any location. Tokenexus charges a 0.75% fee whenever you buy or sell bitcoin or ether.

Fold Launches New App To Provide Sats Back For Fiat Purchases

We strive to present all the information & pricing as accurately as possible, but we cannot ensure that the data tokenexus exchange is always up to date. Hurry up if you want to catch the biggest Trezor sale this year – Trezor Black Friday!

Tokenexus reviews

Withdraw your CAD to your bank account using Bank Frick to minimize fee. The money will arrive a few days sooner via EFT and this is a slightly simpler process. We are entering a new age for financial services. Legacy banking products cryptocurrency rate are built on old, decaying technology while new experiences are being constructed from the ground up. Its commission fee is a few percentage points higher compared to advanced crypto exchanges, but it’s much easier to use.

Sure, this includes things such as ERC-721 tokens, too (in other words – NFTs), but it still limits you to but a single cryptocurrency. MetaMaskis a cryptocurrency wallet which can be used on theChrome,FirefoxandBravebrowsers.

How do you withdraw from Satoshi?

Go to “Buy/Sell” and choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell. Your money will be stored at “My account” and you can withdraw it crypto at any time with 2 clicks. Done!

Send money to your friends on Tokenexus within seconds! Spend dollars and earn up to 2% in bitcoin cashback to your Tokenexus account on every purchase! The Tokenexus Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Visa Int and in collaboration with Marqueta. Buy your first Bitcoin or Ethereum with no fees using instant e-Transfers in just 10 minutes. The Tokenexus platform is used for Bitcoin and ETH cryptocurrencies.

Recent Reviews

It’s commission free and takes minutes, not days. Create a purchase or sell order at a specific price. It was very cryptocurrency recently introduced in December of 2020. They accept cash, so you can easily take your money and see them.

Is Tokenexus secure?

Account security

Tokenexus makes use of HTTPS for all connections between app and server. Passwords are hashed and personal data is encrypted before stored. All accounts are secured by 2FA.

People, please avoid using Tokenexus After using @Tokenexus, I notice multiple times that they scam people. The purchase price that they show in the balance sheet is way off from their price chart. The purchase price is $200CAD way above the actual price. I try to do something about it, but they just delete the posts or never respond. Only downside is that their app is sometimes clunky. It does not support multitasking with phones and will always refresh back to the main screen if you multitask out of the app to look up say a crypto address.

The Best Way For Canadians To Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum

Buy Bitcoin online from trusted professionals, sent directly to your own Bitcoin wallet. Coins are purchased and sold exclusively to Canadians. Pay bills and send money to anyone in Canada with Bitcoin, with Canada’s first and largest Bitcoin payment processing service since 2013. Also, none of Tokenexus’s staff can withdraw money from their cold storage wallets. The reward increases every day so make sure you don’t break the streak! If you’re wondering how they make money as a company, then know that they adjust the prices that you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

The fees are resonable compared to the alternative, I hope they stay in business. Usable applications that will make things easier for everyone from the enthusiast to the mom and pop shop to adopt crypto are what are needed to get user adoption in place. It is a huge part of why banks are preventing us from using them. The harder they make it, the more new users will not bother with it when it hits big in mainstream again like the last quarter of 2017.

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